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New England CRO/CMO Council Meeting - March 24, 2016


The recent New England CRO/CMO Council meeting attracted about 40 attendees and proved of substantial interest to the membership. It was clear that the topic of succession was on many people's minds.

Laura Kevghas of Mirus Capital Advisors and James DeLeo of Gray, Gray & Gray led an interactive discussion on the theme of: "You've got to exit sometime: What every business owner needs to know about selling their company".

Ms. Kevghas' broad experience in the arena of mergers and acquisitions coupled with Mr. DeLeo's considerable experience in financial and organizational matters relating to preparation of businesses for sale and construction of financial mechanisms for achieving a sale, was extremely informative. Among the topics discussed were when and how to develop succession plans, how to identify potential buyers, when is a good time to sell, and what is the current market interest in science based companies.