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Provides bioanalytical, In-Vitro-ADMET, In-Vivo PK and Pharmacology Oncology services.

With a focus upon exceptional client service and long-term relationships, Agilux Laboratories provides a comprehensive suite of DMPK & pharmacology (oncology) services to clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. Our discovery bioanalysis (large & small molecule), in-vitro metabolism, in-vivo PK and pharmacology discovery services are fit-for-purpose, built for speed and designed to meet and exceed the requirements of research across the discovery continuum. Regulatory compliant bioanalysis and clinical kit services are offered as drug development supporting services. Located in Worcester, MA, approximately one hour from the Cambridge/Greater Boston Biotech Hub, Agilux supports clients spanning the range from small start-up and virtual companies up through and including Top 10 Large Pharma and Biotech Companies.